Our Economy and Jobs

Republicans are championing policies that protect the wealthy elite among us by weakening the middle-class and undermining workers and organized labor. Senator Sweeney is fighting to prevent that from happening in New Jersey.

Despite our enviable location and our highly educated workforce, New Jersey has yet to recover all of its jobs from the Great Recession. This is because the Christie Administration has engaged in a policy of disinvestment, putting New Jersey at an economic disadvantage compared to our neighbors.

Steve fundamentally believes that effective investments in areas like transportation and education creates jobs and long-term economic growth for our state. You cannot starve New Jersey’s economy to health.

His New Jersey: Investing In You initiative provides the beginnings of a middle-class investment blueprint that will restart our state’s economy and reverse the trend of disinvestment. Targeted and effective investments in areas like education and infrastructure will pay dividends for decades to come.