• Sweeney Joins SDA For Salem School Tour

    SALEM – Today Senate President Steve Sweeney joined Salem Mayor Charles Washington and Charles McKenna, Chief Executive Officer of New Jersey’s Schools Development Authority on a tour of St. Mary’s School in Salem. The SDA arranged the tour as part of the effort to find appropriate space for students following the collapse of a classroom ceiling at the middle school last September.READ MORE »

    “I want to thank CEO McKenna and the SDA for moving quickly to identify possible solutions to the challenges faced by the Salem School District,” said Senator Sweeney. “Our top priority is to protect the safety and wellbeing of our students, while also making sure they are educated in the most efficient and effective way possible.”READ MORE »

  • If Christie wants fairness, he’ll back this school funding fix | Editorial

    The following editorial originally appearedhere in the Star-Ledger.READ MORE »

    The deal just struck by state Democratic leaders on school funding, which corrects some of the most outrageous inequities in our system, is a huge step in the right direction.READ MORE »

  • Sweeney & Sarlo Vow to Pass Millionaire’s Tax in January to Add $800 Million More for Underfunded School Districts

    TRENTON – Senate President Steve Sweeney and Senate Budget Chair Paul Sarlo today pledged to pass a millionaire’s tax in January 2018 as part of a comprehensive plan to provide every school district with at least 70 percent of the state school aid they are owed by the 2018-19 school year.READ MORE »

    Building on the $146 million in additional school aid for underfunded districts that will be included in this year’s budget, the Senate leaders pledged to add an additional $800 million in school aid to next year’s budget by dedicating $800 million from a millionaire’s tax, other revenue and reallocated Adjustment Aid to increase school funding in the FY19 budget.READ MORE »

  • Sweeney, Prieto Announce School Funding Agreement to Provide Additional $146 Million to Underfunded Districts & $25 Million for Pre-K

    TRENTON – Senate President Steve Sweeney and Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto today announced that they have reached agreement on a ground-breaking school funding plan that provides $146 million in additional aid to underfunded districts and reallocates Adjustment Aid from districts receiving more than 100 percent of their fair share of full state funding.READ MORE »

    The plan includes $100 million in new school aid for underfunded districts and $46 million in reallocated Adjustment Aid, plus $25 million to expand pre-school education. The agreement reached by the legislative leaders caps Adjustment Aid cuts in affected districts at no more than 1.5 percent of their school budgets.READ MORE »

  • Sweeney Celebrates Special Olympics

    Trenton – Senate President Steve Sweeney helped kick off this year’s Special Olympics New Jersey Summer Games this weekend at The College of New Jersey in Mercer County. The event started on Friday with an Opening Night ceremony and continued throughout the weekend with thousands of athletes participating in events ranging from track and field to aquatics.READ MORE »

    “The Special Olympics is a wonderful opportunity for those with different abilities to showcase their skills and prove they can lead as complete and fulfilling a life as anyone,” said Senator Sweeney. “For years I have been a proud supporter of the Special Olympics and I want to congratulate SONJ on another amazing Summer Games.”READ MORE »

  • Sweeney Statement On D-Day Anniversary

    TRENTON – Senate President Steve Sweeney issued the following statement today in honor of the 73rd anniversary of the 1944 landing at Normandy of Allied forces during World War II.READ MORE »

    “Today is a day to pause and recognize the bravery and sacrifice of all of the troops that participated in Operation Overlord on D-Day. Facing incredible danger and with the fate of the world on their backs, the troops that stormed the beaches in France exhibited a courage that resonates today.READ MORE »

  • HPAE Stands with Senate President Steve Sweeney

    TRENTON — Ann Twomey, President of the Health Professionals and Allied Employees, AFT/AFL-CIO (HPAE), released the following statement today endorsing Senate President Steve Sweeney for re-election to the New Jersey Senate:READ MORE »

    “At a time when labor rights and health care coverage are threatened in New Jersey and across the country, we need an experienced, principled and proven leader in the Senate to protect the most vulnerable in our community from ruthless health care cuts and who will stand up with our union members to safeguard their rights.READ MORE »

  • Sweeney Holds School Funding Forum In National Park

    National Park – Senate President Steve Sweeney joined with local officials, educators and others tonight in a community discussion on the School Funding Reform Act that will provide full funding to all school districts in New Jersey, a plan that will deliver a boost for the schools in the National Park School System, as well as the many other communities that are underfunded by the current school aid formula.READ MORE »

    “National Park students, teachers and administrators are in the same unfair boat as so many other districts in New Jersey, forced to make due with underfunding by a system that allocates aid in a disproportionate way,” said Senator Sweeney. “It’s time to fix school funding in New Jersey so places like National Park are fully funded with their fair share of state aid. They can’t afford to wait another year.”READ MORE »

  • Sweeney, Downey & Houghtaling Rally For Locked Out Workers

    Freehold – Senate President Steve Sweeney, Assemblywoman Joann Downey and Assemblyman Eric Houghtaling today joined dozens of workers with Teamsters Local 701 for a rally in Freehold, outside Shore Point Distributing Company, in response to the business locking out more than 100 union workers. They also announced plans to introduce legislation to protect workers’ access to health care during lockouts.READ MORE »

    “I am here today to support the hard-working men and women of Shore Point Distributing Company, and to call on management to return to the negotiating table in a constructive manner to reach an agreement on fair compensation,” said Senator Sweeney, himself a union ironworker. “All these drivers and warehouse employees want is a chance to come to work, provide for their families and be a part of their communities.”READ MORE »

  • Sweeney Honors ‘Youth of the Year’ Candidates

    Trenton – Senate President Steve Sweeney today attended a ceremonial State House luncheon honoring 18 ‘Youth of the Year’ candidates from across New Jersey. The event, held annually by the Boys & Girls Clubs of New Jersey, recognizes young men and women from various backgrounds for their achievement in leadership, service, academic excellence and dedication to living healthy lifestyles.READ MORE »

    “There is nothing more inspiring than to meet and talk with these amazing young people who are giving so much back to their communities,” said Senate President Sweeney. “New Jersey’s future depends on the next generation of young adults remaining engaged and committed to keeping the Garden State the best place to live in the country. After meeting these 18 incredible individuals, I know we are in great hands for years to come.”READ MORE »