• Sweeney Receives ‘Person of the Year’ Award from CMAA

    Trenton – Senate President Steve Sweeney received the “Person of the Year” award for the Construction Management Association of America (CMAA) – Mid-Atlantic Chapter at their annual awards banquet.  The CMMA is a non-profit and non-governmental, professional association serving the construction management industry.READ MORE »

    “I come from the trades so I know how demanding and difficult these jobs are,” said Senator Sweeney (D-Gloucester/Salem/Cumberland). “Now, from the legislative side, I understand how crucial each and every trades worker is to our greater communities, our states and our country. We rely on them to build our roads, our schools, our waterlines, our libraries and everything in between. Every aspect of our lives relies on these men and women and the work that they do. I am honored to receive this award and I am proud to fight for education and investments that will grow the sector’s jobs. But the true praise should be for the people in the field, working to improve our city and propelling our economy.”READ MORE »

  • Sweeney/Madden Bill to Provide Workers’ Comp Cola for Police & Fire in Cases of Death Signed by Governor

    Trenton – Legislation authored by Senate President Steve Sweeney and Chair of the Senate Labor Committee Senator Fred Madden, that would provide cost-of-living increases in workers’ compensation death benefits for the surviving dependents of public safety workers who deceased prior to 1980, was signed by the Governor yesterday.READ MORE »

    This bill, S-1967, will provide an annual cost of living adjustment in the weekly workers’ compensation death benefit rate for the surviving dependents of public safety workers who passed due to a workplace injury prior to 1980, or to their surviving dependents of those who died as a result of a workplace injury.READ MORE »

  • Sweeney Speaks at the All American Sports Betting Summit

    Trenton – Senate President Steve Sweeney addressed the attendees at the inaugural All America Sports Betting Summit at the Monmouth Park Race Track today. The event is a two day sports betting conference put on by Eventus International.READ MORE »

    The conference is meant to help gaming sector professionals understand state regulations, create a responsible gaming environment, and open up the market to the game-changing technological innovations, marketing strategies and networking opportunities.READ MORE »

  • Sweeney Meets with New Jersey Restaurant and Hospitality Association for Advocacy Day

    Trenton – Senate President Steve Sweeney joined with Marilou Halvorsen,   President and CEO of New Jersey Restaurant and Hospitality Association to give welcoming remarks at the group’s Advocacy Day in Trenton today, where the association representing one of the state’s largest employment sectors interacted with New Jersey’s lawmakers.READ MORE »

    “The workers in the hospitality industry are privileged to have the New Jersey Restaurant and Hospitality Association represent their interests in Trenton,” said Senator Sweeney (D-Gloucester/Salem/Cumberland). “Representing over 300,000 workers in our state, NJRHA’s service to their members is immeasurable, from helping them get affordable healthcare to training and certification programs. This sector provides jobs and supports ongoing economic activity that is so important to the state’s economy. Their presence in our state’s capitol is deeply valuable, and by serving those who serve everyone else they make New Jersey, not just their members, a better place to live.”READ MORE »

  • Cunningham, Ruiz, Sweeney Bill to Expand Expungement Eligibility Clears Senate

    Trenton – Legislation sponsored by Senator Sandra Bolden Cunningham, Senator M. Teresa Ruiz and Senate President Steve Sweeney, which would revise procedures and eligibility for the expungement of criminal records, cleared the Senate today.READ MORE »

    “As we begin to focus on criminal justice reform, both at the state level and nationally, we cannot forget about those who have already gone through the system,” said Senator Cunningham (D-Hudson). “If we are ever going to have a justice system truly based on rehabilitation, those who have been convicted must have a fair shot at life after having served their debt to society. Many Americans spend the rest of their lives fighting the stigma around their conviction, hindering their ability to find a place to live or get a job. Expanding the eligibility for expungement will allow more people to remove that stigma and break down the barriers preventing them from reaching their full potential.”READ MORE »

  • Sweeney Urges Follow Through on Effort to Prevent Misclassification of Workers

    Trenton – The year-long wait for action by the task force established by the governor to stop the misclassification of workers has allowed unscrupulous developers and contractors to continue to ignore the labor laws intended to protect workers’ rights.READ MORE »

    In May of 2018, Governor Murphy signed an executive order establishing the Task Force on Employee Misclassification to investigate employee misclassification and develop recommendations to enforce compliance with the laws “ensuring adequate workplace protections and providing employment-related benefits like unemployment insurance and workers’ compensation.”READ MORE »

  • Sweeney Addresses NJBIA’s Policy Forum on Economic Value of Fiscal Reforms

    East Windsor – Continuing to advocate for the fiscal and economic reforms needed to avert future financial crises, Senate President Steve Sweeney spoke at the New Jersey Business and Industry Associations policy forum today where he emphasized the economic value of bringing fiscal reforms to public finances.READ MORE »

    Senator Sweeney participated in “Meet the Decision Makers,” an event that features key New Jersey policy figures. Senator Sweeney spoke about the “Path to Progress” report issued by the 25-member study group that provides a working blueprint to achieve the operational and structural reforms needed to restore financial stability and affordable government.READ MORE »

  • Sweeney Wants State To Appeal Court Decision on Waterfront Commission

    Trenton – Senate President Steve Sweeney said today that he wants the state to appeal the court decision that would nullify the 2018 law abolishing the Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor, the bi-state agency created more than 65 years ago to license companies and monitor activity on the waterfront.READ MORE »

    “This is an outdated commission that was doing little more than hindering economic growth and costing us jobs in the state’s shipping industry,” said Senator Sweeney (D-Gloucester/Salem/Cumberland). “We should not be held hostage to an ancient compact that outlived its purpose long ago. New Jersey should challenge the court ruling and get it reversed.”READ MORE »

  • Sweeney-Smith Bill Would Provide Affordable Housing for First Responders

    Trenton – A Senate committee today approved legislation sponsored by Senate President Steve Sweeney and Senator Bob Smith that would permit municipalities to establish an affordable housing preference for first responders.READ MORE »

    “The men and women who serve their communities in emergencies deserve a housing preference so they can live in their home towns,” said Senator Sweeney. “They are always there for their neighbors and communities at times of crisis and danger, we should facilitate their ability to afford to live in their communities.”READ MORE »

  • Sweeney Joins In Announcement of a New State-of-the-Art Cancer Pavilion in New Brunswick

    New Brunswick – Senate President Steve Sweeney joined with doctors, researchers, nurses and public officials at the Rutgers Cancer Institute to announce a new free standing cancer pavilion. A partnership between RWJ Barnabas Health, the New Brunswick Development Corporation and the Cancer Institute of New Jersey, the pavilion will allow the facility to see more patients and provide them with more lifesaving care. It will also house state-of-the art research laboratories.READ MORE »

    “The Cancer Institute is recognized as a world-class hospital that engages in research, treatment and care,” said Senator Sweeney. “The new pavilion will advance the work even further. It shows that New Jersey is in the forefront of science, medicine and research and that higher education can work effectively with hospitals and the public sector.”READ MORE »