PRESS RELEASE July-14-2017

Governor Signs Sweeney Bill That Honors Former Naval Officer

TRENTON – The governor has signed into law a bill sponsored by Senate President Steve Sweeney that honors a former Naval officer killed by a drunk driver by naming a section of a state highway in his name.

The law, S-3239, designates the portion of U.S. Highway Route 40, in Upper Pittsgrove Township as the “John R. Elliott HERO Campaign Way” in honor of John Elliot, a graduate of the Naval Academy, who was struck and killed by a drunken driver on his way home for his mother’s birthday. The driver had been arrested on DUI charges and released only to get back in the car drunk, killing himself and Elliott.

“John Elliot distinguished himself as a Human Education Resource Officer, or HERO, at the Naval Academy,” said Senator Sweeney. “HERO’s are elected by their peers to counsel and mentor other members of their company and John was selected as the outstanding HERO in his graduating class. This dedication will honor his service to the country and memorialize his legacy. He was a true hero whose memory will live on.”

The HERO Campaign is a federally registered, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that partners with law enforcement agencies, schools and colleges, bars, taverns and restaurants, the U.S. Navy, professional sports teams, state divisions of highway safety and community chapters across the country.

The Commissioner of Transportation would be authorized to receive financial assistance from private sources for the highway memorial.