New Law Will Allow Chambers Works To Regain Ability To Fully Operate Treatment Facility

TRENTON – The Governor today signed legislation that will allow the Chemours Chambers Works wastewater facility to again fully operate, restarting a treatment facility that had operated for decades.

The law, S-879, sponsored by Senate President Steve Sweeney, Deputy Speaker John J. Burzichelli and Assemblyman Adam Taliaferro will update the definition of an existing hazardous waste facility in state law to allow the Chemours facility at its Chambers Works site in Salem County to resume taking off-site materials for treatment.

“The Chemours facility is an important part of the region’s economy,” said Senator Sweeney. “It supports jobs, generates business activity and provides needed revenue to the municipality. We need to have the facility operating at full capacity, all its employees working and generating economic activity.”

“The Chambers Works facility had operated effectively and safely for decades,” said Assemblyman Burzichelli. “The fact that it ceased operations for a period of time created some uncertainty with regulators. This law is clear in giving the Department of Environmental Protection the authority to grant the required permits so that the facility is fully operational.”

“There was a cooperative effort by all parties, including the Assembly, the Senate, the DEP, Chemours and the governor’s office to make sure this law is fully effective,” said Assemblyman Taliaferro. “This will bring certainty and clarity to the law so that the workers and the community have confidence in the ability of the facility to operate at its full capacity.”

Chemours-Chambers Works applied to the Department of Environmental Protection for permission to restart their wastewater treatment facility but the DEP wanted to be certain it has the authority to authorize Chemours to operate its wastewater treatment facility in total.