PRESS RELEASE October-7-2019

Sweeney, Addiego Tour Pinelands Recovery Center

Trenton – Senate President Steve Sweeney and Senator Dawn Marie Addiego toured the Pinelands Recovery Center today, in Medford. The center provides residential and outpatient services for people struggling with addictions to drugs and alcohol and need comprehensive care in order to find stability through recovery.

“The opioid crisis is devastating communities across New Jersey and across the country. The Pinelands Recovery Center has a fantastic model for helping people with addictions escape its viscous and painful cycle,” said Senator Sweeney (D-Gloucester/Salem/Cumberland). “The Center believes that all addicted people can recover if given the proper resources and care. I agree, and it is a perspective that can help guide our state’s policy decisions going forward as we learn new ways to address crisis.”

“Burlington County is lucky to have such an outstanding facility caring for people struggling with addictions to drugs and alcohol,” said Senator Addiego (D-Atlantic/Burlington/Camden). “Their work is successful because they genuinely care about their patients and they provide a facility that allows individuals to live in a welcoming and stress-free environment.”

“We have a powerful formula for helping our clients recover from alcohol and drug addiction,” said Christian Losch, CEO of Pinelands Recovery Center. “We have partnered with researchers from Rutgers and created programs to keep our clients accountable, while also offering our unwavering support in their journey towards recovery. Our practices have proved powerfully successful, and we were glad to show our hard work and methods with Senator Addiego and the Senate President.”

The Pinelands Recovery Center has multiple goals when it comes to helping their patients. They assist clients in feeling connected to the recovery community, help clients to modify attitudes and patterns of behavior, and encourage hope, optimism and healthy living.