PRESS RELEASE December-24-2019

Sweeney Addresses Chamber of Commerce of Southern New Jersey to Speak on Economic Reforms

Mount Laurel – Continuing to advocate for the fiscal and economic reforms needed to avert future financial crises, Senate President Steve Sweeney spoke at the Chamber of Commerce of Southern New Jersey (CCSNJ) policy forum today where he emphasized the economic value of bringing reforms to public finances.

Senator Sweeney participated in “Meet the Policymakers,” an event that features key New Jersey policy figures. Senator Sweeney spoke about the Path to Progress and the need to make investments in areas such as school funding and in NJ Transit.

“Public finances have a real impact on the state’s economy, including the business community,” said Senator Sweeney (D-Gloucester/Salem/Cumberland). “We can’t grow our way out of it, we can’t tax our way out of it, and it won’t go away by ignoring it. If we refuse to make the needed reforms, we won’t have the ability to fully fund our schools, lower college tuition costs, take over Special Education costs, fix NJ Transit or make other investments to promote job creation and economic growth.”

The discussions included proposals to address soaring pension and benefit costs, hold down property taxes, make government and school districts more efficient, assess the efficiency of our tax structure and leverage state assets.

“Government must learn how to operate more efficiently with reduced costs and more effectively with the delivery of vital services,” said Senator Sweeney. “We have a working plan to make immediate and long-term reforms that are described in the ‘Path to Progress’ report. It is a wide-ranging plan that gets at the root causes of the fiscal problems that are creating so much discontent with the people we serve.”

The CCSNJ is the region’s largest, most active, and influential business organization. CCSNJ started in 1873 as the Camden Board of Trade and has grown to represent the seven counties of Southern New Jersey, Greater Philadelphia and Northern Delaware.

“The CCSNJ was pleased to host Senator Sweeney at today’s Meet the Policymakers meeting,” said Christina Renna, Senior Vice President of the CCSNJ. “We all want New Jersey’s small businesses and economy to thrive in order to support business growth and create jobs. We support those investments in infrastructure and education because our economy depends on a strong base for our children to thrive and continue that success into adulthood. When the business community can work constructively with the government, the whole state benefits.”

“Small business owners will always support fiscal reforms that will make New Jersey more affordable and better state to do business,” said Joseph W. Devine, FACHE, President, Jefferson Health New Jersey; Chair of CCSNJ Board of Directors. “It’s great to have the opportunity to hear directly from Senate President Sweeney who has always been a staunch and fair supporter of the business community. The bottom line is we all want a state that is prosperous, affordable to live in and attractive to do business in.”