PRESS RELEASE July-19-2017

Sweeney Lauds PSE&G for Commitment & Contributions To NJ

Salem – Speaking at a PSE&G forum for potential suppliers, Senate President Steve Sweeney today praised the state’s largest producers of gas and electric service for its contributions to New Jersey’s economy and its commitment to diversity. Addressing PSE&G’s Annual Salem Supplier Diversity Procurement Fair, Senator Sweeney said the company’s role as one of the largest employers in New Jersey and a key supplier of energy demonstrates the value of corporate responsibility and community engagement.

The Annual Salem Supplier Diversity Procurement Fair is used to sustain and enhance diversity among the company’s supply chain. The event provides attendees the opportunity to network with prospective clients looking for specific products and services.

“Events like this are important to New Jersey businesses especially those in South Jersey. PSEG has significantly and continuously contributed to the State’s economy. This event is able to showcase a portion of PSEG’s investments and opportunities,” said Senator Sweeney. “By working together, we are able to create new business opportunities that strengthen our economy and create jobs for local residents.”
PSE&G has more than 13,000 employees in New Jersey, making the company a key contributor to the state’s economy. The company spends close to $2 billion on New Jersey-based suppliers, supporting jobs in the supply chain. Seventeen percent of the suppliers are owned by women, minorities or veterans, receiving $472 million in 2016 through the diversity program.

“PSEG is investing billions in New Jersey’s infrastructure,” said Derek DiRisio, President, PSEG Services. “We are building new power plants, maintaining our nuclear fleet, stringing new transmission lines and modernizing our electric and our gas distribution systems. This spending is helping to drive New Jersey’s economy and creating thousands of jobs. But just as important is our commitment that a growing part of this spend is directed to minority veteran-owned and woman-owned businesses. PSEG’s purchases with diverse suppliers was $472 million in 2016. Events like our supplier diversity fair held today in Salem County help make sure that number keeps growing.”
Senator Sweeney also spoke about the importance of maintaining a broad and reliable mix of energy sources, including nuclear energy.

“Maintaining a diverse mix of energy sources is key to reliability and security,” said Senator Sweeney. “This should include renewable energy, clean technologies and safe supplies of nuclear power, including the Salem and Hope Creek plants.”

PSE&G services 1.8 million gas customers and 2.2 million electric customers in more than 300 urban, suburban and rural communities, including New Jersey’s six largest cities.