PRESS RELEASE October-7-2019

Sweeney Speaks at Princeton-Mercer Chamber of Commerce Event

Trenton – Addressing the Princeton-Mercer Chamber of Commerce Luncheon today, Senate President Steve Sweeney spoke of the need for New Jersey to promote economic prosperity and generate public trust by investing in public priorities.

“It is time to return to the basics and that means investing in the priorities that promote economic growth, improve local communities and make people’s lives better,” said Senator Sweeney (D-Gloucester/Salem/Cumberland). “We have work to do. New Jersey has the highest tax burden in the nation, the New York Times reported that NJ Transit has the worst run commuter train in the country, water quality issues have become a visible problem and the Administration discontinued the economic development programs that made us competitive with our neighboring states. It’s fundamental, but these are things that improve the lives of everyday New Jerseyans – job opportunities, trusted services and reliable government programs – we can’t continue to let them down.”

The Princeton-Mercer Chamber of Commerce holds a luncheon at the beginning of every month. For October’s luncheon, they invited the Senate President to speak about the state of New Jersey, its economic health and organizational efficacy.

“For a long time, Senator Sweeney has fought to create jobs and expand economic opportunity for every person in our state,” said Peter Crowley, President & CEO, Princeton-Mercer Regional Chamber of Commerce. “He worked to provide economic incentives for job creation, job training and vocational education. We are grateful for the time he took to be with us today, and all the work he does on behalf of New Jersey.”

Princeton-Mercer Regional Chamber is the authoritative voice of the Princeton Area business community and is recognized by the public as an effective catalyst for improving the quality of life for those who visit, work, and live in the greater Princeton Area.