PRESS RELEASE October-7-2019

Sweeney Welcomes Recommendations of Vaping Task Force

Trenton – Welcoming the recommendations from the administration’s Electronic Smoking Device Task Force, Senate President Steve Sweeney issued the following statement today:

“The recommendations laid out by the Task Force are a strong first step. Protecting New Jerseyans, particularly our youth, is paramount and many of the Task Force’s recommendations will help curb the astronomical rise in youth tobacco use over the past decade. I am committed to considering all courses of action that were recommended as well as pursuing additional approaches not mentioned today in order to address this crisis.

“After meeting with industry leaders and advocacy groups, we have also called for: applying tax stamps to e-cigarettes and other vaping products as a means of removing counterfeit electronic tobacco products from the market; partnering with NY Governor Andrew Cuomo and others to build a multi-state compact that would coordinate the regulation of e-cigarettes and vaping products; and have law enforcement at the municipal, county, and state levels crack down on retailers selling unregulated e-cigarettes and vaping products’.

“From the beginning, this has been about keeping our residents away from the dangerously unregulated, counterfeit and addictive products that are flooding our communities. I hope to work together with all parties so we can tackle this crisis from all angles.”