PRESS RELEASE January-28-2020

Sweeney Participates in Gloucester County Meeting Between Employer Legislative Committee and Chamber of Commerce


Trenton – Senate President Steve Sweeney attended the kick-off meeting between the Gloucester County Chamber of Commerce and the Gloucester County Employer Legislative Committee (ELC) this morning where he discussed the priorities for the county and the region, including economic development, education, job training and transportation.

Senator Sweeney touched on several ways statewide policy can help accelerate economic development through investments in mass transportation and freight rail development. He discussed how New Jersey can lower property taxes through pension and health benefits reform, merging K-4, K-6 and K-8 school districts into K-12 regional districts and urging local and county governments to share more services. He also spoke on the need to expand research and technology opportunities fostered by the investment in New Jersey’s higher education system.

“New Jersey stays competitive with other states when we make investments in education and transportation. These are key characteristics that the state needs to attract new business and allow our existing ones to thrive,” said Senator Sweeney (D-Gloucester/Salem/Cumberland). “New Jersey may provide the best public education in the country, but we are losing those students once they go off to college. That means we are losing its advantage in the fight to attract businesses, and we need to figure out ways to improve those prospects and support the priorities important to businesses, including small businesses.”

The ELCs, established by NJBIA in 1959, are independent, local organizations representing all 21 counties.

“It’s great to have Senate President Sweeney back to participate in yet another event. For business leaders and community members it is important that we reach out to political leaders so we can have more conversations about how businesses in New Jersey can thrive,” said Chris Emigholz, Vice President of Government Affairs, NJBIA. “The Senate President has always understood that small businesses are important to New Jersey’s economy and that when they are healthy and thriving, the state’s economy follows suit.”

The activities of the Gloucester County Chamber of Commerce work to promote Southern New Jersey as an economic catalyst of the tri-state region (New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware) and to develop and sustain a strong business community so that their members can focus business.